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Filipstads Turistbyrå
Box 308, 682 27 Filipstad
Besöksadress: Viktoriagatan 8

Tel: 0590-613 54
Fax: 0590-613 71
E-post: turism@filipstad.se

Mån-fre 10.00-12.30, 13.00-16.00
Mån-fre 8.30-12.30

3 Mars-5 juni Mån-fre 10.00-12.30, 13.00-16.00

9 Juni-17 aug. Mån-fre 09.00-18.00,
lö-sö 11.00-16.00

18-29 aug. Mån-fre 09.00-18.00


Filipstad municipality would like to welcome you to come and experience a rich manufacturing heritage, breathtaking scenary set in Bergslagen and a unique local cultural history. The area has been strongly influenced by the wealth of differentmineral resources available locally and today you can visit anumber of industrial monuments. There are a number of mines,mills and works that bring to life the daily life of people during the early part of industrialisation. Today Filipstad municipality has a population of around 10. 600. Filipstad town is the second oldest town in the region of Värmland- it´s town privileges dating back to 1611 when it was founded by King Karl IX whose son Karl Filip gave name to the town. Here you will come across a fusion of modern and the original buildings. The town is perhaps most commonly associated with Wasa crispbread and the poet Nils Ferlin, but here in the municipality, more precisely in Långban, two Swedish greatswere born; the innovator John Ericsson and his brother Nils whom had a great success building canals and sluices both in Sweden and abroud.
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